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Since 2004, Surgere, Inc. has been re-inventing how packaging assets influence profitability. While raising the bar on packaging management standards, Surgere has naturally developed a wide-variety of tools to increase visibility and control across all manufacturing, supply chain, and global-roaming assets. Transcending industries such as Automotive, Retail, and Pharmaceutical, Surgere’s approach is two-fold - leverage cutting-edge technology in order to provide advanced analytics and asset visibility data!


With patented and proprietary hardware, software, algorithms, layered RFID, NFC, mobile apps, global location devices, and sensory-based technology; Surgere provides an accurate audit of your assets and provides insight into their unique journeys.


Quite literally, Surgere technology turns reusable containers, racks, tools, parts, trucks, and even finished vehicles into digital ‘data-points’ from which accurate and real-time data and problem-solving analytics are derived. Foundational in achieving Industry 4.0 success, visibility and control are the future.

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  • Surgere was instrumental in guiding Best Buy Exclusive Brands in recognizing areas in the packaging process that needed improvement. Their knowledge, experience and foresight led to critical improvements with the packaging commercialization process, brand strategy and the need for sustainable packaging plans and goals.

    Brent Ostrowski
    BestBuy Exclusive Brands