The Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem

It’s Here!

The community is growing across the industry.
The technology is delivering powerful visibility and insight.
The Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem is here.

Surgere – The Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem from David Zingery on Vimeo.

Annually, the automotive industry “misplaces” an
average of 18% of its packaging assets, many times
including the parts within. These supply chain
failures easily add up to an expense exceeding
$2 billion and a lot of chaos. Without a solution
built upon massive collaboration, highly accurate
technology, common processes and data mapping,
OEMs and their supplier community are trapped in
supply chains that will always function below
optimal capacity.

Simply put: Failure is expensive.

Shouldn’t there be a better, easier, more efficient way
to manage your assets?

Finally, there is.



In the film “Twister,” storm chasers Bill Paxton and Helen
Hunt deploy hundreds of weather sensors into the path of
an oncoming tornado to map the inside of a funnel cloud.
This plot point inspired Surgere® founder William Wappler
to create the supply chain platform thatʼs revolutionizing
the automotive industry.

With the speed and evolution of technology, sometimes
hype is mistaken for innovation. And, we all know theory
doesnʼt fix a supply chain. Weʼve all been waiting for the
“real thing.” For years now, Surgere has been delivering
sensor-based solutions that deliver incredibly high levels
of accuracy into more automotive locations than any other
company. Everyday COS, Surgereʼs software platform,
provides insightful information and direction to supply
chain managers who now have the tools to greatly reduce
cost and increase efficiency. Stop living in the path of the
supply chain “Twister.” Join the growing community of
advanced supply chain management by being a member
of the Automotive Data Ecosystem Design Group.
The future is here.


Silo-solutions are now a thing of the past. The founding
collaborators of the Automotive Supply Chain Data
Ecosystem consist of 5 OEMs, 8 Tier-1s, 2 Logistics
service providers and 1 Solution provider. Up to this
point, fragmentation and independent OEM-to-Supplier
standards have created a lot of extra work and mixed
messages. This is the first time ever that a common
platform and standard set has been shared and
developed by multiple OEMs and Suppliers.


Surgere’s cloud-based COS™ platform has been
selected as the “central data nerve center” of the
Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem. Touting
robust analytics and scalable environments, Surgere’s
ecosystem platform integrates cleanly to ERP, WMS
and YMS systems. Leveraging all types of sensor-based
data-capture and -reporting devices, the ecosystem
will be a proponent of innovation and stimulate new
and exciting technologies.

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