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PFEP+™ captures all production related information for an individual part and makes it accessible in an intuitive packaging database!

PFEP+™ takes into account all required subassemblies, raw materials or parts needed to make finished goods, allowing you to decide how much to buy and identify ineiciencies. Driven by the need to keep production lines running, PFEP™ takes into account all of the potential points of movement and points of storage. PFEP™ aims to quantify vague production planning calculations and associate time to the movements and storage. etd. Storage at Supplier, WIP at Supplier, Storage on Supplier Docks, Transit Time, In-house Storage, In-house WIP, In-house Storage Dock, Transit Time Back to Supplier.


The “Plan+” for an individual part takes into account the following data elements:

+ Manually add PFEP Data:

Manually enter or import via an Excel Import.

+ Permissions Control:

Permission and priviledge management is made easy for controlled access. View, add, edit data.

+ Unit of Measure:

Customize user Unit of Measure preferencees (Metric vs. Imperial)

+ Auto-Conversion:

Automatically convert Unit of Measure fields in PFEP based on user preference and display.

+ Floor Space by Location:

Evaluate production floor space - Full/%Available at connected locations.

+ Transportation Spend:

Via the Transportation Management System tie-in, directly influence and monitor transportation spend.

+ Robust Reporting:

Reports and Alerts consisting of the listed PFEF data elements.

+Monitor Available Space:

A powerful relationship between PFEP+ and COS allow for extended visibility and monitoring.

PFEP+ Record Data Elements:

  • Plant Name
  • Part Number
  • Part Description
  • Program Name
  • Usage %
  • Part Status
  • Part Type
  • Material Stream Type
  • Line replenishment Type
  • Complexity
  • Point of Use
  • Receiving Dock Number
  • Line side Container Name
  • Line side Container Qty.
  • Line side Container Weight
  • Line side Container Length
  • Line side Container Width
  • Line side Container Height
  • Unit Load Name
  • Unit Load Qty.
  • Unit Load Weight
  • Unit Load Length
  • Unit Load Width
  • Unit Load Height
  • Part Weight
  • Part Length
  • Part Width
  • Part Height
  • Production Requirement Per Hour
  • Hours
  • Volume Per Day
  • Max in Market
  • Min in Market
  • Replenishment method to Point of Use
  • Shipment Frequency
  • Supplier Code
  • Supplier Name
  • Supplier Address
  • Effective in Date
  • Effective Out Date
  • Container Disposition After Point of Use
  • Frequency of Container Disposition
  • Transit Time
  • Order Lead Time
  • Safety Time
  • Buffer Time
  • Classification (ABC)
  • Max 4 wall Inv.
  • Min 4 Wall Inv.

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    Service Description

    PFEP+™ captures all production related information for an individual part and makes it accessible in an intuitive packaging database.

    What it does

    • Manually Enter and Automate PFEP Data via Excel Import
    • Permissions Control Management
    • Unit of Measure Preferences
    • Automatic Unit Conversion
    • Available Space Monitoring and Allocation
    • Floor Space Evaluation by Location
    • TMS Integration to Monitor Spend
    • Powerful PFEP data Reports and Alerts
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