What Could You Achieve With 99.9% Data Accuracy Across Your Supply Chain?

Our 2000+ client sites in North America can tell you. 

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Balance of Power: Using Tech To Solve Supply Chain Issues

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The Supply Chain Powers the World Economy.

Surgere operates in 26 states and 31 countries around the globe.


With Surgere’s 99.9% Data Accuracy You Can See Inside Your Supply Chain.

Imagine your power.

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Surgere is revolutionizing and expanding visibility into the physical supply chain with engineered and patented supply chain software, IoT-based sensors, and certified asset identity hardware.








Do You Know Where Your Stuff Is?

Supply Chain is complicated—
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Do you have real-time information?
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Do you have disparate systems & shareable solutions?
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Do you have 99.9% accuracy & reliability of data?
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Do you have a scalable &
secure solution?
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Do you have automation over manual processes?
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Can you predict problems?
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Do you have visibility into the supply chain?

It’s 2021, Why are
Supply Chain Issues So Complicated and Costly?

Supply chain issues are no longer local. They are global, extending across companies and industries. Over the past few decades, lean supply chains and inventories, cost cutting, and industry consolidation have collided with the growing need for sustainability, geopolitical policy and regulations, shifting supplier relationships, market competitiveness, focus on client experience, and most recently the pandemic.

Has Your
Supply Chain Solution

We’re Revolutionizing and Expanding Visibility into the Physical Supply Chain.

Experience the Surgere Interius™ SaaS Suite


Finally, the solution to see inside your supply chain.
Flexible, Scaleable, Secure - Interius.

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Interius™ encompasses Surgere's expanding and flexible IoT sensor-based technology to accurately gather activity data. Interius™ is comprised of specific modules that deliver insight from yard, waste management, and container tracking. 

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Packaging Specification Management
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Returnable Container Management
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Supplier Inventory Management
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Finished Goods Management
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Waste Stream
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Tool/Tool Crib
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Custom Alerts & Notifications
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Trust Surgere-Certified Asset Identity Tags

No two supply chains are the same. While supply chains may share similar functions and complexities, each industry has specific requirements, standards, and needs.

Your Supply Chain
Is Not Their
Supply Chain.

No two facilities are alike

  • Different transportation methods and distances

  • Specific software tracking needs

  • Unique manufacturing, parts, and deliverables

  • Designated regulations and needs

  • Heightened levels of security

  • Diverse workforce and culture

Surgere has  a catalog of sensor devices engineered for multiple needs and environments, ultra-wide band and GPS tags, beacons, and custom solutions.


Patented IoT Sensor Technology

Surgere has engineered and patented IoT technology specific to the complexities, scalability, and flexibility needs of today’s global supply chain requirements.

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Digital Transformation

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Surgere-certified fixed and mobile IoT Sensors

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Real -time location
GPS solutions

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Surgere Knows Supply Chain Issues.

Surgere has the Solution.

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Going Beyond Sustainability

Highlights on traceability from the whitepaper: 

  • Leading companies in digital traceability understand traceability as both an offensive and defensive strategy.

  • Groups that compete within the same value chain can collaborate on a traceability solution without losing their competitive advantage.

  • One big mistake when investing in traceability is to delay planning how to scale a pilot program until it’s up and running.

Traceability: The Next Supply Chain Revolution

Traceability can help companies improve efficiency, resilience, and competitiveness. Download the FREE Bain & Company whitepaper to learn more.

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