The aerospace manufacturing industry has been hit harder by the 2020 pandemic than other industries. With one of the most complicated global, interconnected supply chains, aerospace companies are now in need of cost savings, efficiencies, and security solutions to help them once again fly.


In 2018, aerospace was facing a supply chain crisis with tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers unable to fulfill orders. The inventory slowdown was compounded by safety concerns after several tragic accidents, and most recently, the complete systemic shutdown due to the pandemic. Once again, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers are under stress to meet an expected demand after massive layoffs, plant closures, and with uncertain financing.


Aerospace Supply Chain Future

What does this mean for 2021 and beyond? Aerospace will see a slow return to normal as the public and global commerce return to the skies. This will generate a need for new planes and parts for maintenance.


With a 9-12 month build time, and parts coming from around the globe, the aerospace supply chain will see benefits from a unified and integrated community they can speak to in the same data language, and for that data to be accurate and actionable.

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Aerospace OEMs and Suppliers Struggle with:

  • Part authenticity and regulations

  • Moving and tracking parts and racks from suppliers to OEM manufacturing facilities

  • Expected time and location tracking (JIT)

  • Supply chain disruption risks

  • Sourcing of raw materials

  • Expected quantities

  • Expected quality condition

  • Cost containment

  • Sustainability goals

  • Incomplete and inaccurate data that cannot be shared throughout the system

  • Tracking and moving finished goods during production within facilities

  • Security against fraudulent and counterfeit parts

  • Meeting government regulations in multiple countries

Until now, aerospace supply chain problems have been difficult to solve. With security and verification of parts one of the most daunting challenges, this supply chain requires a connected community willing to work together, implement block chain for provenance and identity, speak in the same data language, and for that data to be 99.9% reliable, accurate and actionable.


Surgere has solved the problem with a tested, scalable, and flexible supply chain management process based on IoT-sensor based technology that provides 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity, Surgere blockchain technology, and patented software secured by the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The Surgere Solution

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Interius™ SaaS Platform


The Surgere technology backbone is the patented Interius™ Software suite that is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

Interius provides a variety of solutions designed specifically for OEM and supplier needs.

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Part authenticity validation and regulatory compliance via Surgere blockchain
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Localization of parts in transit and within the plant
Dolly / container management

Interius™ the SaaS Platform that Doesn’t Stress Your Software or Your Tech Teams

Interius™ has been designed to interface with existing software systems.


Interius can enable systems beyond current capabilities by enriching the existing data set. Additionally, Interius can act as the central node to bridge disparate systems across departments. When deployed, Interius naturally creates a symbiotic relationship to existing systems.


With Surgere’s standard API toolkit, it’s simple and easy to distribute data across systems. Surgere utilizes both REST and SOAP protocols with a JSON payload and encrypted and secure connections.

Surgere IoT-sensor Technology 

Interius™ works with Surgere IoT-sensor technology. Our multiple forms of sensor technology, a catalog of certified RFID tags and other certified IoT sensors, create a complete map of your inventory with a 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity to identity and inform weaknesses and opportunities in real-time.

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Surgere Blockchain

Security against theft, fraud, tampering, and counterfeit parts is critical throughout the entire aerospace build process continuing through delivery and throughout a plane’s service life. Surgere Blockchain provides the level of security needed throughout the entire aerospace supply chain ecosystem to support these specifications.

Surgere-certified Hardware

Interius™ and the IoT-sensor technology are delivered through Surgere-certified hardware.

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Mobile Fork Truck
Pallet Readers

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Software Platform Delivered to Your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone


Supply Chain Experts

The Surgere integrated solution is engineered, installed, and supported by supply chain experts, people with deep experience in the industry.

We understand that your supply chain is unique and often the product of a merger or acquisition, multiple layers of technology, outdated procedures, a diverse workforce, and changes in the world economy.

Our solutions continue to evolve, exceeding the needs of our customers for the supply chain they have today and the one they hope to have tomorrow.

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A High-Flying World Leader
In Aerospace

Ohio: the birthplace of aviation and now home to one of 15 top areas nationally for the number of establishments directly involved with aerospace products and parts manufacturing.

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