All industries suffer supply chain stressors, but none are as effected by the environment—weather, pests, and disease—than Agribusiness. The US government estimates 30% of edible food, mostly fresh produce, is wasted at the farm each year. And while farmers want to sell all of their product, the supply chain, costs of labor, transportation, and the market are all factors as uncontrollable as the weather.


The pandemic has exposed the fragility of the agribusiness supply chain. While food was available at the production level, the supply chain provided no flexibility to reroute cancelled foodservice orders to retailers struggling with high consumer demand.


The problem begins in the field. Many raw foods are labeled at the time of harvesting for field operations, such as, location, payment information for farm labor, date, and destination. They are relabeled again at initial processing, and often again at distribution (for retail) the information tags are defined by the information and task at hand and not the fulfilment of the contiguous visibility along the entire supply chain. The result tends to be fractured genealogy.

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Agribusiness Supply Chain Stressors

  • Expansive distribution chain from farm to various markets to processors to consumers

  • Need for food safety traceability and to ensure no counterfeits are introduced into organic or locally grown supply claims

  • Slow financial transactions

  • Manual labor

  • Specialized packing and transportation for quality and freshness

  • Cold chain storage and warehousing needs

  • Sustainability practices

  • Lack of visibility and transaction documentation

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Agribusiness Supply Chain Solutions

The entire lifecycle of raw food or the food ingredient’s genealogy could be captured and presented in a way that ensures data viability, fidelity, and anti-counterfeit processes using blockchain automated ledgering. By using IoT data capture sensors and hardware, an integrated system could be applied across a multi-level and multi-channel supply chain. Intelligent tags can create a cohesive supply chain community where there is end-to-end visibility from farm to fork.

The Surgere Agribusiness Supply Chain Solution

Surgere provides visibility into the physical supply chain. And while it’s not feasible to expect every piece of fresh produce to have a unique ID, it is possible to provide IoT sensor tags to containers of produce.

With a 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity, farmers can see in near real time where their products are in the harvest, transport, and processing chain. Surgere provides for monitoring the environmental conditions fresh produce is being stored, along with location visibility.


All this is enhanced with Surgere blockchain to safeguard against product tampering and product recall in the event of a food safety incident. Our IoT sensor tags are designed for multiple environments, including cold chain storage and transportation.

The Surgere Solution

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Interius™ SaaS Platform


The Autosphere backbone is Surgere’s patented Interius™ Software that is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

Interius provides a variety of solutions designed specifically for OEM and supplier needs.

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Returnable Rack and Container Management
Localization of Parts in Transit and Within the Plant
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Packaging Specification Management
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Interius™ the SaaS Platform that Doesn’t Stress Your Software or Your Tech Teams

Interius™ has been designed to interface with existing software systems.


Interius can enable systems beyond current capabilities by enriching the existing data set. Additionally, Interius can act as the central node to bridge disparate systems across departments. When deployed, Interius naturally creates a symbiotic relationship to existing systems.


With Surgere’s standard API toolkit, it’s simple and easy to distribute data across systems.  Surgere utilizes both REST and SOAP protocols with a JSON payload and encrypted and secure connections.

Surgere IoT-sensor Technology 

Interius™ works with Surgere IoT-sensor technology. Our multiple forms of sensor technology, a catalog of certified RFID tags and other certified IoT sensors, create a complete map of your inventory with a 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity to identity and inform weaknesses and opportunities in real-time.

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Surgere Blockchain

Security against theft, fraud, tampering, and counterfeit goods and materials is critical throughout the entire agribusiness industry from manufacturing, farming, harvest/processing and continuing through delivery completing a farm to fork cycle. Surgere Blockchain provides the level of security needed throughout the entire agribusiness supply chain ecosystem to support these specifications. 

Surgere-certified Hardware

Interius™ and the IoT-sensor technology are delivered through Surgere-certified hardware.

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Mobile Fork Truck
Pallet Readers

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Software Platform Delivered to Your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone


Supply Chain Experts

The Surgere integrated solution is engineered, installed, and supported by supply chain experts, people with deep experience in the industry.

We understand that your supply chain is unique and often the product of a merger or acquisition, multiple layers of technology, outdated procedures, a diverse workforce, and changes in the world economy.

Our solutions continue to evolve, exceeding the needs of our customers for the supply chain they have today and the one they hope to have tomorrow.


Are you ready to see what 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity can do for your supply chain?