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Are you trying to increase your control and asset tracking ability? Optimize your supply chain? Digitize your packaging and mobile-asset landscape? If so, this is where it all begins. Take a second and fill out the quick-form below and let us know what areas you’re interested in. A Surgere representative will get back to you promptly. Surgere can provide a full-spectrum analysis of your situation and offer proven optimization programs and technology solutions.


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COS 2.0 – Enterprise
Surgere’s Asset Optimization
Software and Advanced Analytics Platform

HAWKEYE – Yard Management Visibility and Control
Provides real-time asset visibility, location, and advanced analytics.

ROBi – Autonomous Robotic Inventory
Autonomous cycle-counts, location & warehouse visibility data

sRFID – Asset Data and Motion
Surgere’s patented bi-directional RFID data and motion collection platform

TVC – Transportation Visibility
Surgere’s Transportation, Visibility and Control Module allows you to monitor and manage routes, assets and drivers.

AERIS – Location, Light, Vibration, Humidity and More
Surgere’s Global location and In-Container Environment Monitoring Module.

USPEC – Supplier Packaging Entry Center
Packaging specification management and approval platform.

PAAS – Packaging as a Service
PaaS changes the financial relationship between our clients and their packaging.

Innovation & Industry 4.0 Ideas

Change Management

Reduction of Process and Manual Dependency

Loss Mitigation

Reusable Container Sourcing

Packaging Inefficiency

Logistics Optimization

Full Supply Chain Optimization

Packaging Management

Accountability Data

Yard Management Optimization

Financing Options

System Integration

Track and Trace Technology (Software, RFID)

Full Supply Chain Visibility


Environment Monitoring (Sensors)

International Border Visibility
Lead goals:

Improve Overall Packaging Process

Uncover New Savings Opportunities

Increase Tracking and Reporting Ability

Effectively Introduce a New Packaging Program