Supply Chain Stressors

When it comes to your supply chain, even a couple minutes of downtime can result in lost profits. Suppliers need to know where their products are, what their current status is, and when they’re required. This information is constantly changing and it’s nearly impossible to physically monitor all these data streams at all times. This overwhelming amount of data can make it difficult to notice issues that require urgent attention.

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Surgere Solutions

The Interius Alerts and Notifications module allows end users to customize data thresholds on every business intelligence report they’re currently using. Users can select which data stream they’d like to track, how they’re notified, and how often they receive these notifications. 

The alerts will save clients both time and money by notifying users of an issue or potential issue and allow for a more timely response and minimize the potential for down time and lost revenue.


  • Immediate notification of issues to minimize potential down time

  • Customizable to fit the user’s requirements

  • Scalable from 1 notification to 100+ notifications