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Days On Hand Report

Surgere’s software application has continued to evolve as Honda North America’s implementation of it has progressed. This collaboration has led to the development of multiple new feature sets, reports, and dashboards all driven by Surgere’s advanced analytics business intelligence engine.

As a dedicated Honda supplier, you now have access to the Container Days on Hand Report through your current membership level with Surgere FREE of charge.

Do You Have Enough Containers
to Ship Your Parts?

The Days On Hand Dashboard enables visibility regarding the supply, demand, allocation, and inventory on hand.

Surgere Interius Days on hand.png

Top Report Features

  • Filter based on location and/or container type providing specific container supply details

  • Insight into the average daily usage of containers

  • The On Hand vs. Allocation of containers demonstrates the percentage of assets last seen in your facility by the order days

Surgere Interius Days on hand.png

Average Daily Demand: Average daily use of containers needed per supplier location.

SOH Days on Hand: SOH (Supplier On Hand, assets last seen at your facility) quantity divided by Average Daily Demand = how many days on hand based on current SOH Quantity.

On Hand vs. Allocation: SOH Days divided by Order Days = The percentage of demand met. Appears red when <80% or >120%.

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