Frequently Asked Questions

What Supply Chain Problems Does Surgere Solve?

Surgere answers the question, “Where’s my stuff?” by expanding visibility into the physical supply chain with engineered and patented supply chain software, IoT-based sensors, and certified IoT hardware proven to provide 99.9% data capture and fidelity.

Here are some of the biggest supply chain stressors we solve:

  • Lost assets
  • Lack of visibility and data to make sound decisions
  • Lack of control
  • Low productivity
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Logistical inefficiencies
  • Returnable container management and visibility
  • Lack of accurate velocity data through the supply chain
  • Automation of a formerly manual inventory process and documentation traceability

How Does Surgere Provide the Greatest Value to Customers?

  • Ability to give clients full and factual picture of what is taking place in their supply chain
  • Actionable insight to asset location and management
  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Better visibility for better decision making
  • 99.9% data accuracy
  • Data to solve problems
  • Agility
  • Customization to customers’ unique issues
  • Software for client and internal support
  • Delivers knowledge in the form of data. Clients can interpret it for actionable results
  • Other supply chain solutions are based on theoretical models and some data to support the theory. Surgere solutions are based on physical supply chain conditions and are proven to work.

Does Surgere Only Provide RFID Tags?

No. While we have expertise in IoT-sensor (RFID) tags, that is only part of our supply chain solutions. Our IoT-sensors provide 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity to the Interius Software Platform. With the platform companies can realize complete visibility into all areas of the supply chain from container management to over-the-road transportation solutions.

Does Surgere Offer Custom Solutions?

Yes, doesn’t everyone? While the Interius platform is single tenet, meaning that only one branch of code is managed; the software was designed to be configured to meet the need of any Surgere client. No two supply chains are alike. No two visibility solutions should be the same. Surgere appreciates that supply chains need to scale and be flexible. Our software, IoT-sensors, and hardware solutions are completely scalable and flexible for client’s changing needs.

Can You Help Me Find My Stuff?

Yes! Visibility into the supply chain is what we do best. Designing solutions with our tested, vetted, and scalable technology will help you find and track your stuff and better manage your resources for efficiency and cost savings.

What is Surgere Interius™?

Interius™ is the only fully vetted, tested, scalable, flexible, and secure supply chain software suite in the world. The platform sits on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

Currently Interius has six supply chain solution modules

  • Returnable Container Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Packaging Specification Management

  • Localization

  • Transportation Visibility

  • Yard Management

The Interius modules are designed to work in concert but clients may opt to try specific modules to solve specific problems.

Interius is the SaaS Platform that Doesn’t Stress Your Software or Your Tech Teams

Interius has been designed to interface with existing software systems.

Interius can enable systems beyond current capabilities by enriching the existing data set. Additionally, Interius can act as the central node to bridge disparate systems across departments. When deployed, Interius naturally creates a symbiotic relationship to existing systems.

With Surgere’s standard API toolkit, it’s simple and easy to distribute data across systems. Surgere utilizes both REST and SOAP protocols with a JSON payload and encrypted and secure connections.

What Industries Does Surgere Support?

Our solutions can support any industry with a need for physical supply chain visibility. We provide support for automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, agribusiness, retail, and biomedical to name a few.

What is AutoSphere?

Autosphere is the automotive industry’s most effective supply chain management process delivered through massive collaboration. Members realize efficiencies and cost savings by having the right container and rack assets, at the right place and time. It’s a quantum leap in automotive supply chain management.

AutoSphere uses a common set of processes and transactions within a singular shared database to deliver an unprecedented level of visibility and control between OEMs, their suppliers and transportation service providers. This collaboration solves the problem of loss and inefficiency, resulting in unparalleled cost savings for OEMs and suppliers.

How do I Join AutoSphere?

You can learn more here on our website.

Surgere States that its Software is Patented. How many patents does the company have?

Surgere has secured five patents to date for our innovative supply chain software solutions with three patents pending. We continue to develop and innovate technology solutions to bring the best of IoT sensor-based solution and software to the market.

How are Surgere RFID tags different from any other RFID tag?

Surgere deploys .a catalog of sensor devices to solve a variety of supply chain solutions and to ensure they work in the physical environment. All of our tags are certified by our engineers to be appropriate for the intended use. Each tag is also properly commissioned and designed to work with our certified hardware (handheld readers, portals, etc.) and most important, only a Surgere-certified tag will work with the Surgere Interius Software suite.