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Intelligent Waste Stream

The production, movement, storage, disposal, and costs of trash is critical to any industry. Add in the requirements for hazardous materials handling and industry sustainability and recycling goals, and trash management becomes critical. With sustainability becoming even more important, trash management solutions are even more critical and visible to the bottom line.

Many companies have contracts with services to pick up trash at scheduled times, however, often those dumpsters or waste bins are not completely full or have been overfilled, leaving excess waste on the ground and around the premises.

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Intelligent Waste Management software tracks your “trash”. It measures the fullness of waste bins so that they can be emptied and returned in a timely manner. How does this work?

When waste is dumped, Surgere captures how much waste (by measuring weight), what type of waste is discarded, and where it is produced.

It provides measurable and accurate data to understand what departments may be using or creating more refuse materials than anticipated. It helps to schedule pick up and collection times in an efficient and sustainable way and it helps create a scorecard around sustainability often required today by many OEMs and major corporations.

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  • Carbon reduction by using pick-up collection times for only full capacity versus half capacity pick-ups.

  • Predictive analytics as to waste production for future streamlining and reduction

  • Cost savings

  • Ability to create and measure sustainability goals