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Supply Chain Stressors

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Management of part inventory is critical to production. Material must be available, and available at the right time from a use and capacity standpoint.

Inventory management is broad, encompassing material in the yard and within the plant or factory.

Anyone who has worked in manufacturing or production can relate to a story of a line shutting down due to a part being inaccessible, or a story of actually opening countless trailers door in the yard to locate parts needed to avoid a lineside impact.

An enormous amount of time, energy, and money is spent locating parts that are on premises.

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Surgere Solutions

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Part to pack association leveraging a Surgere-certified RFID tag if present on the container or rack. This process allows for the RFID tag to act as a license plate in terms of the contents of the container. The association leverages industry specific tags such as AIAG part label tags to associate the current contents to the RFID tag. This can happen either optically at lineside or the conveyor or through a barcode scan during the pack process.


On the outbound side, all material loaded on to a trailer is captured, so there is a connection from part, to pack, to trailer.


The Association module is a complementary inventory management solution to the Localization Module.

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