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Support and Service Levels



Universal training sessions, videos, and guides

Support via ticketing platform for: handheld devices, handheld app, and portals

Interius App (formerly COS Mobile) Support

24/7 portal surveyance (Ensuring your portals are collecting and transmitting data)

Reporting Access

  • Cycle Count Report

  • Container Inventory Distribution Report

  • User Guide/”How To” Video Library

Ability to scan assets for ONE Empower+ Customer

Additional Reports***

  • “Where to Work” Real-Time Dashboard

  • Cycle Count Results Report/Dashboard

  • Container Days on Hand Report/Dashboard*

  • Door Transaction Report/Dashboard

  • Container Inventory Aging Report/Dashboard

Ability to set Alerts and Notifications

Schedule targeted training sessions directed to your

specific organization

Access to Surgere advanced analytics platform

  • Lane Assignment Report

  • Historical data to improve performance

Ability to scan and report on assets for MULTIPLE Customers

Schedule custom training events

Experience accelerated value realization with a designated

Surgere Customer Experience team member

Dedicated configurable software instance for internal tracking of your own assets

Access to Surgere’s API toolkit for legacy system(s) integration

Mutual visibility with other suppliers, trading partners,

cross docks, etc***









Available if Empower Plus Customer (formerly
AutoSphere Member) participates in the
Container Days on Hand Report/Dashboard


*** Feature (or similar) coming soon!

Experience the Surgere Interius™ SaaS Suite

Finally, the solution to see inside your supply chain.
Flexible, Scaleable, Secure - Interius.

Interius™ encompasses Surgere's expanding and flexible IoT sensor-based technology to accurately gather activity data. Interius is comprised of specific modules that deliver insight from yard, waste management, and container tracking. 

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Packaging Specification Management

Asset Management

Indoor Localization

Production Control

Yard Management

Outdoor Localization

Transportation Visibility

Over the Road

Intelligent Waste Stream

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