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Motorsports Technology Innovation and Community

Speed and accuracy are synonymous with racing. With wins and losses decided in fractions of seconds, there is no time to waste. The ability to monitor and capture real-time performance and convert that data into a winning strategy is every race teams wish.


Surgere is incubating and deploying IoT technologies designed especially for the racing industry.


The ability to understand the miles and wear and tear of parts in real time saves dollars and drives performance. At Surgere, our patented software and certified hardware helps race teams gain visibility into part genealogy: monitoring authenticity, mileage, usage, or consumption per part for race regulations.


Whether you are racing in Indy, IMSA, or Formula One, our 99.9% data accuracy will drive efficiency and better performance on the track.


Surgere is moving fast, disrupting the traditional idea of what technology can do to track, improve and refine the racing supply chain and move beyond weak links to winning strategies.

Parker Thompson: Partners on the Track and Off

Motorsports has been part of Surgere’s DNA since its inception. The Surgere Autosphere Community across many of the largest automotive OEMS, tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers share a passion for automotive innovation, excellence, and the love of driving.


Cars are in our blood and we are a proud to partner of Parker Thompson, a driver on the JDX racing team in the Porsche Carrera Cup North America series. Parker’s energy, talent, and racing knowledge combine with Surgere’s to deliver innovative solutions on and off the track.

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Career Statistics

  • By age 13, Parker was ranked 3rd in the world for kart racing

  • 134 races

  • 48% podiums

  • 22% wins

  • Over 100,000+ students reached with his Drive to Stay Alive safe driving campaign

  • Recipient of Tilton Hard Charger Award 2019

  • Recipient of AiM Sports Move of the Year 2019

  • Recipient of Hi-Tide Spirit Award 2019

See you on the track.  

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Michael Wappler

VP, Business Development


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