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Supply Chain Stressors

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The Interius Packaging Specification Management Module was architected by packaging engineers for use by packaging engineers.


Revision control

Watermarked plans to clearly identify the processing, approval, and completion stages

Dashboards and reports that depict progress and stage by customer and commodity type

Customizable approval workflows by customer, part, commodity, and more

Automated alerts and notifications for engagement, status change, and revision occurrence

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The process of introducing a new part for a manufacturer, an OEM, or Tier 1 supplier involves both engineering and a multi-layered and iterative approval process.

Once a part is awarded, the supplier is responsible to design or engineer how this part will be transported to the customer. This involves pack dimensions, the potential use of dunnage, transportation concerns such as stackability or the ability to cube a trailer.

This process usually includes several stakeholders at the supplier from engineering, to quality, to transportation and usually with a tight deadline. At each step of the internal process, a revision may be made and approval is required to move forward. The process must be executed succinctly and efficiently with product quality as the priority.

At the end of the process, the end customer must sign-off on the plan and agree how the product or part will be shipped. This could generate further revisions.

Many entities manage this process with a spreadsheet or with inefficient and cumbersome paper forms, lacking an automated and traceable workflow management. This can lead to trouble identifying who has or has not approved the plan; where in the process are the revisions; and what paper or electronic version is the most up to date.

A supplier may need to complete hundreds of these plans each model year, some may be closer to a thousand.

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  • Up to 60% reduction in time completion

  • Eliminate the use of incomplete or outdated plans

  • Automatic revision control

  • A communal platform for the user to invite their suppliers to participate at no cost to the participating suppliers. Only the end-user pays.

  • Real-time alerts and notifications

  • Dashboards and reports

  • Highly customizable workflows

  • Minimal training – highly intuitive

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