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The 2022 Automotive Packaging Summit (AutoPack)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Surgere Interius™ Package Specification Management Module

Find us at AutoPack at booth 14 on September 7-8 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Here’s why we’re attending:

· Opportunity to learn about advancements in technology and business practices

· Ability to hear and learn from the industry’s top leaders

· Connect with young talent from local universities

The AutoPack Summit is a learning event where advancements in technology, best practices, and sustainabilty trends are explored. It provides a sense of the future for returnable packaging management through presentations and discussions based on these topics. The AutoPack Summit has presenters by OEMs, Tiered Suppliers, and logistics industry leaders. The interaction at a personal level with these professionals is a great development tool for attendees. The AutoPack Summit also lets leading students and academics within the Packaging School showcase the talent that is nutured within our universities. The AutoPack Summit is an excellent event for professionals from all industries to connect, and harbors an open learning environment for everyone.

Who will you meet at (conference name)?

Tom Strain, Vice President of Technology

Jobi Ellison, Key Account Manager

Rusty Coleman, Vice President of Digital Transformation

Michael Schwabe, Director of Market Intelligence

Quote from attendee

“I enjoy the AutoPack Summit each year. At the Summit I can learn some new trend or nuance being leveraged to improve the art of packaging management. This is done through learning about new packaging trends, new means to economically transport, the latest software to enable automation, or an interaction with a colleague trading ideas. I get to meet leaders that are searching for Supply Chain Solution tools like the ones from Surgere. It is a great place to learn trends and to be the trend setter.”

-Rusty Coleman, Vice President of Digital Transformation

Connect with Tom Strain, Jobi Ellison, Rusty Coleman, and Michael Schwabe at the Surgere, booth, on LinkedIn or by email:

More about AutoPack 2022

The AutoPack Summit is an open forum for OEMs to discuss their packaging challenges and innovations. The goal of the summit is to collaborate for a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain for both the automotive industry and the economy. AutoPack Summit has continued to grow every year of its existence. Tickets have sold out all four years and its reach has become international. For example, In 2019, attendees were welcomed from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Belgium, and Germany.

Learn more about the AutoPack Summit here:

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