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Canica, Caps, and Crushing Childhood Cancer

Updated: May 13, 2021

Caps collected for Canica charity by Surgere employees in Aguascalientes
Surgere employees, Ana Paula and Pamela de Luna, dropping off the collected plastic caps at Canica.

Surgere team members with employees from Canica at the Canica facility.
Surgere team members with employees from Canica at the Canica facility.

Our Mexico team in Aguascalientes has turned trash into treasure for a local charity, Canica.

Canica is a private charity that supports young cancer patients and their families. Canica focuses on the behavioral component of coping with cancer as well as healthy behavior changes including preventive medicine, social factors, and communication with loved ones. The goal is to improve the quality of life for children, young adults, and their families.

We knew one way we could get involved was by collecting and donating plastic caps. The caps are recycled and sold by Canica for $6/kg. The proceeds from the collected caps go directly to psychological treatments for the children with cancer.

Collected caps being dropped off at Canica.
Total collected caps being dropped off at Canica.

We saved lids from our milk jugs, sports drinks, daily sodas, iced teas, and other plastic topped containers for nine weeks. Our team collected over 50kg of plastic caps, surpassing their goal. We raised over $300 USD for Canica and the children! Our team also purchased bracelets from Canica to support the organization even further.

Providing local support is a core value to our employees in every country. Just as our values drive us to be successful for our customers, we are driven by another mission as well: to care for our community. Learn more about Surgere’s community involvement by visiting our Philanthropies web page.

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