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Caring Beyond the Workplace

Surgere participates in Bifam Golf Tournament.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to represent the Surgere family in the traditional Bifam Golf Tournament – a noble association we’ve collaborated with. After a great day on the course, this came to my mind: good leaders decide what their company's culture will stand for.

Bifam is a non-profit association that works to serve children in vulnerable situations to meet their fundamental development needs. They fund programs for elementary school children and help parents learn how to care and provide treatment for children at their training center. They work to increase physical, psychological, and emotional health conditions for the kids.

When you are part of a company like Surgere, you understand a new level of caring culture that transcends beyond our workspace. We learn to value what we have, to be grateful, and to pass that positive culture on to others. We all can add value to our environment, even with small gestures that make a big difference, like volunteering, offering advice, being interested in people, smiling, or even playing golf.

One piece of advice my dad gave me is that I must decide the type of people and environment I want to surround myself with, because some part of them will become part of me, too. The Surgere culture drives us to add value to our environment. The values we live daily, we carry over to our business partners that we care for tirelessly and for organizations like Bifam that we are committed to supporting.

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