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Packaging Experts Assemble at PACK EXPO East

Find us at PACK EXPO East at booth 720 on March 21-23 in Philadelphia, PA!

Here's why we're attending:

  • To bring our sustainable and efficient packaging knowledge to the CPG industry

  • To join peer roundtables for collaboration

  • To connect with experts in food and beverage, industrial, and other packaged goods industries

PACK EXPO unites the world of packaging and processing to advance industries through cutting-edge equipment, materials, containers, and automation technology.

Who will you meet at the PACK EXPO East?

Terry Kropp, Director, Strategic Sales

Bob Strenk, Director, Channel Sales

"As specialists in returnable packaging, PACK EXPO connects us to leaders in the CPG industry. Surgere continues to solve customer "pain points" and recommend sustainable, operationally efficient solutions, and good for the company's bottom line. Through our industry expertise, we realize packaging doesn't end at production. Returnable shipping containers need to be tracked throughout the supply chain to ensure effective process flow which, at the end of the day, results in happy customers."

- Bob Strenk


Connect with Terry and Bob at the Surgere booth, on LinkedIn or by email:,

More about PACK EXPO East

See more packaging and processing technology than anywhere else on the East Coast. Explore solutions for current projects and get ideas for the future. Plus, discover crossover applications from dozens of vertical industries.

Learn more about PACK EXPO East:

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