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Surgere Mexico Became Painters for a Day

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

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GREEN, OH. (July 6, 2022) – At Surgere, it is a part of our mission to support our community through actions and achieve a common good. Our team in Mexico set a goal of rehabilitating the “Adolfo Lopez Mateos” preschool located in a neighborhood near Aguascalientes. We decided to take on this project ourselves because we believe in the importance of making an impact in our community.

With the help of each member of Surgere’s Mexico team, we painted the entire facility over a span of eight hours. We used various bright colors to paint the school to make the learning environment a particularly colorful and special place for the children.

We’re very proud of the final result. The children now have a worthy didactic environment that stimulates their visual senses and encourages them to learn and play daily.

Ricardo Gomez, a Senior Project Manager of our Mexico Team, talked about how wonderful of an opportunity this was for their team:

“I have always said that one should never pass up the beautiful gift of helping others. Being able to give back to the school and knowing that the children will benefit from it gives me the greatest satisfaction and happiness.”

Surgere consistently recognizes how important it is for local companies to be involved in their communities, which is why we take on volunteering and philanthropy opportunities throughout the year. Whether conducting a food drive, collecting toys for underprivileged children at Christmas time, or painting a local preschool, Surgere is committed to putting our communities first.

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