Sensor-Based Sciences


AERIS Is a highly sophisticated tracking device used to monitor the location and environmental conditions of mobile assets (globally.) The Aeris device is unique in two ways:

  • It’s hardened to withstand harsh conditions when other devices fail.
  • It monitors environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, humidity and temperature.

What could you learn about your supply chain if you had an analytical tool that could help you “see” the status of location and environmental variables during the movement and storage of expensive and sensitive products? Contact us to learn more.


  • Less manpower spent on recovering equipment
  • Search, filter and group equipment
  • Edit unit data, including schedules
  • Site alarms, e.g., if the last unit has left a site
  • Add unit notes and add image to equipment in the system


  • Higher utilization rate on equipment through awareness of location and status of usage
  • Lock unit to specific geographical location (geo fence)
  • Filter and group equipment for overview


  • Full history of all equipment flows
  • Full communication log on all levels
  • API for integration to other systems
  • Export to Excel
  • Heat map


  • Motion
  • Light
  • Tilt
  • Utilization mode


HAWKEYE is the most advanced tracking and location application of its kind, created to monitor the location and movement of finished vehicles.


Unlike outdated and ineffective products of the past, Hawkeye uses Surgere’s patented technology, which incorporates a combination of GPS satellite triangulation and Google mapping to locate a vehicle within an 18” level of accuracy.


No more buried locators in the ground, an expensive and inflexible process. No more restrictions on the use of temporary lots and parking spaces you need when vehicle storage quantities and locations require flexibility.


And, finally, no more confusing “graphical maps.” Contact us to learn more.


  • Proprietary Algorithm Associating Tag / VIN / Latitude & Longitude / Parking Space
  • VIN Inquiry Interface: Search by VIN or RFID Tag


  • Advanced Reporting (Velocity, Dwell, etc.)
  • Parking Visibility and Data
  • Process Definition and Validation
  • Loss Mitigation
  • “Miss-Ship” Avoidance
  • Reduction of Manual Dependency
  • Logistics Improvement
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Sourcing Improvement
  • Heat Mapping
  • Velocity Planning


ROBi is an AMR—an Autonomous Mobile Robot. But that doesn’t even begin to tell ROBi’s story.


ROBi is the first of its kind—an extremely powerful tool for companies that need cycle counts and inventories conducted on a periodic or frequent basis.


ROBi doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t merely provide inventory accuracy on a timely basis—it also maps it and provides the inventory location.


ROBi uses a combination of LIDAR (radar) and vision, incorporated with sRFID, in a way that provides real-time 3D mapping of inventory location.


Want to know where a container of parts is within a two-million-square-foot warehouse so that production isn’t compromised?


Just ask ROBi.


Contact us to learn more.

  • Moves on programmable routes
  • Transfers asset identification and location data to Surgere’s cloud-based asset management system
  • Validates and provides further evidence of where tagged packaging, parts, tools and other assets are located within any given facility and to on-hand inventory
  • Data acquisition accounts for height of stacked or racked product above floor, depth within shelving, and the speed of robotic travel
  • Completely removes the need for manual counting and searching
  • Provides a 3D map of the facility and part location as part of the cycle count