Surgere IoT-sensor Technology 

Interius™ works with Surgere IoT-sensor technology. Our multiple forms of sensor technology, a catalog of certified RFID tags and other certified IoT sensors, create a complete map of your inventory with a 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity to identify and inform weaknesses and opportunities in real-time.

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Digital Transformation

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Surgere-certified fixed and mobile IoT Sensors

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Real -time location
GPS solutions

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See Surgere's IoT-Sensor
Technology in Action.

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Trust Surgere-Certified Asset Identity Tags

No two supply chains are the same. While supply chains may share similar functions and complexities, each industry has specific requirements, standards, and needs.

Your Supply Chain
Is Not Their
Supply Chain.

No two facilities are alike

  • Different transportation methods and distances

  • Specific software tracking needs

  • Unique manufacturing, parts, and deliverables

  • Designated regulations and needs

  • Heightened levels of security

  • Diverse workforce and culture

Surgere has  a catalog of sensor devices engineered for multiple needs and environments, ultra-wide band and GPS tags, beacons, and custom solutions.

Surgere-certified Hardware

Interius™ and the IoT-sensor technology are delivered through Surgere-certified hardware.

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Mobile Fork Truck
Pallet Readers

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Software Platform Delivered to Your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone

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How can Surgere's IoT technology help your supply chain?