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Surgere’s RFID Technology, also known as sRFID allows you to know where your packaging is at all times. RFID is a powerful solution on its own, but when paired with Surgere’s robust container management programs, it out performs every expectation. Learn more here!

Monthly Fee PaaS®

Previous service agreements were a moving target invoice that would be difficult to monitor and plan for. PaaS® is a fixed monthly service fee, moving the financial relationship to off balance sheet, further strengthening the economics of a program launch. Learn more here!

Optimization APaK™

APaK helps with everything from the right-sizing of containers, container standardization, packaging design and development, and cost savings analysis. Learn more here!

Repair SPARCS™

SPARCS repairs and manages every type of container, including reusables and racks. They are repaired and managed with a focused cost reduction effort. Learn more here!

Dashboard COS™

The COS™ dashboard is a fully integrated and customizable system with access points for management, workforce, vendors and administrators. The forward-looking and alert system intelligence keeps track of all areas of your supply chain in an organized and easy to use manner. Learn more here!

Hired PaaS®

Rather than owning your own containers, PaaS allows your company to receive your reusable packaging as a service. Financially sound and consistent service fee, the technology and support to control and monitor your assets. Learn more here!

Management APaK™

Program management includes sourcing, negotiations, purchasing, delivery confirmation, loss mitigation, and even program wind-down. Our experience becomes your benefit. Learn more here!

Experience SPARCS™

Many times companies do not have repair experts who have visible and complete metrics to achieve true optimization. Surgere’s repair experts are able to get the containers fixed and reintroduced in the most cost effect way possible. Learn more here!

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