Enhancing the Packaging Supply Chain with sRFID

sRFID – Surgere’s innovative adaptation and application of the emerging RFID technology – is capturing the attention of many leading companies throughout the automotive industry. sRFID combines the strength of COS 2.0 Enterprise with the non-invasive data capturing abilities of a directional RFID model. Together, these create a game changer.

Radio frequency identification uses a wireless system to transmit data from tags to a receiver / antenna. (the receiver is sometimes known as a reader or an interrogator) RF Tags – which come in the form of stickers that embed a tiny computer chip – are applied to assets of interest such as containers, bulk bins, racks, totes or anything else that is moving in your supply chain that is hard to track. As these tagged assets pass by a receiver/antenna, information about the transaction – asset type, direction, etc – is gathered by the reader and processed through into COS, creating a seamless data capture event without involving or changing a dock worker’s normal daily routines. All this information is housed and managed within COS 2.0 Enterprise.

Reusable containers are a costly asset. When they get lost or misplaced within the supply chain, it adds additional cost in many ways. Either more containers must be purchased that will ultimately over-size a fleet and reduce effective utilization to undesired levels, or expendable packaging must be purchased creating immediate loss. Finally – potentially the worst cost of all – is not being able to run production at all as a result of packaging shortages or mis-allocations of inventory. With sRFID, companies are able to keep track of their reusable assets throughout the entire process. Identifying loss, pinch points, dwell times and turn analysis are just a few of the metrics captured in COS 2.0 Enterprise. Real time inventory counts are a keystroke away as COS 2.0 organizes all of the location and activity data that is collected by sRFID into easy to use reports. You can finally see an accurate picture of your packaging supply chain, your inventory, your loss, dwells, turns, and utilizations.

By automating the process and adding sRFID tags to your containers, you gain these abilities with no loss to your productivity. RFID is a non-line of site technology, therefore, the system doesn’t care which way the tag is facing or if it is even exposed on the pallet or not. The readers are quicker than the traditional barcode method, because the reader can process hundreds of tags at one time, unlike an employee seeking and scanning individual barcodes.

Surgere’s sRFID program is designed to track and trace your packaging in the best way possible. With the added advantage of COS 2.0 Enterprise, your supply chain will reduce cost, increase margins, and most importantly, improve efficiencies in your packaging management function.


There are several core areas of focus within sRFID:

  • Asset Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Improved Productivity
  • Analytics
  • Cost Reduction

Areas of Focus

a. Asset Management
The number one complaint from most packaging managers is – Where are my racks/containers/packaging? Inevitably, they aren’t at the right place at the right time. With sRFID in place, a passive solution keeps a watchful eye on your package movement and real time inventories are accessed immediately. Never again will you ask the question “Where are all of my containers?” – or worse yet – will you be caught with too few containers to ship and be the cause of a shutdown!

The best part of sRFID is that it is a passive solution. This means that your work force doesn’t have to facilitate the tracking function! It’s done in the background while the loading and unloading of truckloads happens normally!

b. Loss Prevention
By knowing where your assets went and when they went there, keeping track of what isn’t being returned is handled effortlessly. Alerts and reports provide real time identification of potential loss, and therefore provide an opportunity to take corrective action early. When containers are missing, you know immediately. Also, there’s some truth to the statement “People watch what we watch!” With sRFID, you are ALWAYS watching your assets!

c. Improved Productivity/Added Efficiencies
The best part of sRFID is that it is a passive solution. This means that your work force doesn’t have to facilitate the tracking function! Its done in the background. COS takes care of all of the collecting, interpretation, and presentation of your shipping data as it relates to packaging.

d. Analytics
With sRFID, you now have access to metrics never before attained in the shipping process. Accurate, detailed statistics such as turn times, dwell times, and fleet utilizations are just a few a mouse click away. Partner compliance just got a little bit easer to mange when expected actions can be measured against actual ones.

e. Cost Reduction
What does all of this mean? It means more accurate initial fleet sizing, better utilization of the purchased fleets, less ad-hoc purchases of additional assets or expendables, and no production shutdowns due to packaging shortages. All of this translates into substantial cost savings in your supply chain.

If you’d like to hear more or are interested in a demo – Reach out and tell us here!

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Service Summary

sRFID – Container Tracking and Insight

Surgere’s RFID program generates packaging activity data for the purpose of tracking a container through each stage of the supply chain. Paired with COS, your tracking data be comes actionable and visual for informed decisions.

What it provides

  • Identify Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Asset Management
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Loss Prevention
  • Improved Productivity
  • Analytics
  • Avoid Delays
  • Creates Supply Chain Flexibility

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