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Supply Chain Stressors

Forecasting and managing inventory is critical to production.  Material must be ordered, available, and on hand at the right time from a use and capacity standpoint. 


Supplier inventory management is challenging and requires internal teams to consolidate orders and forecasting requests from multiple OEMs and clients early in the process.

Anyone who has worked in manufacturing or production can relate to waiting for deliveries or being unable to fill requests for clients efficiently. 

An enormous amount of time, energy, and money is spent collecting and analyzing data, often through paper records to make these decisions.

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Surgere Solutions


Supplier inventory management ensures that your suppliers, no matter what level you support in the process, have the right amount of material and are meeting their planned obligation.

Leveraging a Surgere-certified RFID tag provides plant managers rapid insight into the number of available materials on hand.  The process for associating RFID tags allows visibility from the pallet, to the case, to the individual part or item using IoT sensors that can read incoming material or track stacked pallets.  

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  • Parts or items can be quickly identified and located

  • Seamless and easy way to validate inventory

  • Traceability and recall

  • Increased profitability and cash flow

  • Higher rates of service and fulfillment percentages