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Earth Day Every Day.

We recognize the impact supply chains have on the environment all year long. The environment can no longer support inefficient supply chains.


Reduce your carbon footprint by organizing transportation routes, right-sizing trailers, and sending accurate shipments with Surgere’s sustainability solutions.

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Cardboard can only be recycled 5-7 times

A mature tree yields approximately 38 48x48x48 cardboard boxes

Trucks generate 161.8 grams of CO2 for every mile driven

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We helped one client’s supply chain community save over 2.7 million trees.


Packaging Specification Management
Optimize your packaging to get more product on the truck. Fuller trucks = fewer trucks on the road.
Asset Management
Reduce cardboard use by always knowing the location and inventory of your returnable containers.
Intelligent Waste Stream
Measure how much, where, and what kind of waste is produced during production to meet waste reduction goals.

Reusable Packaging Association

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