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Supply Chain Stressors

Getting the right tools and dies in the right places at the right times is challenging, especially when data is inaccurate. In certain industries, such as aerospace, a misplaced or missing tool or die can come with a half-million-dollar price tag.

Tool crib management is critical to ensure that maintenance can be serviced quickly and efficiently with the right tools on hand.

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Surgere Solutions


Tool and Die Management provides insight and visibility to monitor and locate thousands of pieces of tooling being checked in and  checked out. This software uses analytics to verify the right piece of tooling is being used, pinpoint the location of the tool, and avoid line down time.

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  • Parts or items can be quickly identified and located

  • Seamless and easy way to validate inventory and location of dies

  • Increased profitability and reduce spend on replacement tools

  • Reduce downtime and repair turnaround time

  • Higher rates of service and fulfillment percentages