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Looking for Your Tools – Again?

Time spent during the manufacturing process searching for tools and essential equipment needing repair redirects production associates to non-value add activity and reduces profit and efficiency.


  • Time and personnel spent tracking equipment is expensive.

  • Tools with unscheduled maintenance and certification requirements can halt production lines.

  • The replacement cost for lost or stolen tools can cripple profits.


Production costs are a main driver for the manufacturing process; knowing everything possible about tools that enter in and out of the tool crib will reduce time looking for them and money spent on non-value add activities.

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"The digital transformation of the tool crib is a step toward full supply chain visibility that makes companies more profitable and productive."

Automate your Tool Crib Tracking and Maintenance Requirements

Digital tool crib tracking with accurate data collection and reporting monitors the most used tools and consumable items and can help forecast budget, implement restrictions, level-up accountability, and create more accurate billing either by department or by job.


With Surgere Tool Crib Tracking, users experience a highly accurate historical and real-time record of tool movement details including when the tool was taken, by which department, and for how long. It’s simple to locate tools and return to revenue-driving actives.


The realities of a productive tool crib management strategy are equally true for consumables and MROs. From gloves and batteries to tape and towels, these items add overhead costs each time they’re checked out.

Gain visibility into your tool crib.


The Surgere Solution

Digitally Manage Your Tool Crib with Accurate Sign-in, Sign-out Data Records

Tracking hundreds or thousands of tools moving in and out of a tool crib is an outdated and slow manual process that needs eradication.


Tool health, supply, and location are important factors that save time, money, and add more cash to your bottom line when kept on a digital record.

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Monitor Tool Usage 


RFID tagged tools feed information to one central database when they are taken in and out of the tool crib. See data such as which production employee took the tool, how long they had it, and when it was returned.


Schedule Calibration and Maintenance

Set time thresholds for tools that need to be calibrated to meet quality standards. Track when maintenance is due well in advance to avoid
last-minute interruptions for upkeep.

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Reduce Missing and Replacement Tools


Real-time accurate data shows the worker that last had the tool, making it easier to locate, bill by department,

and increase accountability

for returning the tool. This reduces costs for replacing

misplaced or lost tools.

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Visibility Down to Every Hand Tool, Consumable, and MRO

IoT technology collects highly accurate data that is fed into Surgere’s Interius™ Tool Crib Tracking software platform.


No manual processes are required. Capture the information you need to know to save time, labor, and money through an automated reader.

Transform Manual Tool Cribs into Highly Accurate Accountability Centers

  • Reallocate labor hours

  • Check tool status instantly

  • Transform tool crib into a self-service entity

  • Track usage for more precise budgeting

  • Forecast spending on lost, stolen, or overused items

  • Access history to discover trends and areas of improvement 

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Stop losing valuable minutes
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