What Drives Us

For the past two decades, Surgere has been driven to provide sustainability, profitability, community, and security to the supply chain. Today, we create communities using connected solutions like patented software and certified-IoT sensor-based hardware technology. We have developed leading supply chain solutions for some of the world’s biggest companies, in the largest most complicated industries, deploying the best in data analytics and an unmatched 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity.

We have supply chain expertise and technology solutions that other companies don’t.

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Our cornerstone success began in 2004 in returnable container management.


A company’s ability to track, recover, and reuse containers and racks has saved our customers millions of dollars, year over year.


Building sustainability into your supply chains is good business and without a plan for sustainability, no industry can expect to thrive and remain profitable in the coming years.


Surgere’s sustainability supply chain solutions conserve resources, reduce the carbon footprint, allows for efficient transportation, less breakage, and shrink.


Sustainability pairs with profitability.


How often does your team ask, “Where is our stuff?” As supply chains continue to evolve globally, or regionalize, and consumers demand more goods faster and cheaper, profit targets become harder to reach and maintain.


We work with our clients to identify inefficiencies in their individual operations. Our solutions reduce loss, save time, increase speed to market, reduce labor, improve safety, improve inventory management, allow for traceability, and are powered by predictive analytics and an industry beating 99.9% data accuracy and fidelity.


That means more insight, increased productivity and more profitable revenue.

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With stable and growing profits comes expansion and the need for supply chain partners – in other words, your unique, connected community.


Sustainability, profitability and efficiency cannot be achieved alone. Dedicated partners working in sync toward singular goals is the only answer and the only solution.


Community grows from shared interests and trust, driven by accurate and reliable data.


Surgere’s solution provides for collaborative networks, growth across industry, speed to market, innovation, communication, and recall resilience. Our success with AutoSphere™ is now the industry best practices standard in supply chain community success in automotive.


Every industry can learn, configure and implement from our successful past performance.


As communities grow, and the world becomes more connected, and more supply chains are powered by technology, there is an exponential need for security.


Bad actors exist, whether they are individuals, nation states, or biological.


Surgere is committed to staying ahead of the threats. Our engineered solutions, patented software, and partnership with companies such as Microsoft’s Azure platform, and our integration of Surgere blockchain into our solution, provides us with the power to protect your supply chain, meet all of your regulatory needs, and give you confidence.


There can be no effective machine learning and artificial intelligence without accurate and reliable data.


We work outside the theory and provide a combination of tested, flexible, and scalable solutions for the physical supply chain today. Our ability to deliver accurate data ensures that over time, companies will have the information to predict, protect and optimize their supply chains and the security and confidence in knowing their decisions have mitigated risk throughout their organization.


Surgere's Mission

Surgere is an industry pioneer leveraging IoT technology to revolutionize the supply chain. Surgere knows the challenges and has engineered innovative secure technology, patented software, and certified hardware to consistently deliver 99.9% data fidelity. Surgere expands visibility into the physical supply chain to many of the world’s leading industries.

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