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Supply Chain Stressors

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Visibility into the yard and the contents of each trailer is critical to an efficient manufacturing process. When material is needed to be brought into the plant, the location of the correct trailers is vital. Disruption or inefficiencies are costly and disruptive. Carriers have less capacity these days, so it is vital that they are taking the right load at the right time.


The Interius Yard Management Module was architected by yard management engineers for use by yard management engineers.

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The Surgere yard management solution is a patented solution that fuses GPS and RFID technology to efficiently and accurately locate trailers within a yard while providing real-time visibility to trailer departure and yard arrival.

Trailers can be localized within two-feet of actual location and can be autonomously assigned to a specific numbered or identified parking spot such as (J-123). Trailers can also be visualized via a satellite map view, and users can be guided to them.

Additionally, from an outbound perspective the ability to inform carriers which trailers are allocated to them allows for prioritization. This priority should be in line with production demand and applicable days on hand throughout the supply chain.

The Yard Management Module can be integrated with the entire Interius software suite for maximum benefit.

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The Interius Yard Management solution is turnkey when used in conjunction with other Interius modules.

Seamlessly connects an association of part to pack-to trailer to avoid the diminishment of data integrity. It also does not require integration across multiple systems to gather or connect this data.

  • Location data can be queried by trailer number, part, or container data

  • Aging data is provided to alert users of material that has been misplaced or hasn’t departed on schedule.

  • Open or available spots can be identified for inbound material.

  • Outbound route prioritization can be provided to carriers so that the right load is picked up at the right time based on current supply chain production demand and holistic inventory levels throughout.